Welcome to the BRC Storage Program!

Instead of hauling infrastructure back and forth between Black Rock City and far away places, with loading and unloading on both ends, BRC Storage participants can focus more of their time, funds, and creative juices on building art, forging community, and designing incredible experiences to be shared with others at Burning Man (and beyond).

BRC Storage will significantly reduce Burning Man’s collective carbon footprint, as well as traffic and wear-n-tear on local roads.

As of August 2023 the container storage waitlist and the mutant vehicle/trailer/RV storage waitlist are open. Be advised: the waitlist may be 2 to 3 years for containers and is 1 to 2 years for vehicles.

Participants in BRC Storage are welcome and encouraged to visit their belongings throughout the year! We’re committed to connecting you with your infrastructure! Schedule your visits online. Schedule visits as often as you like. And don’t be shy in asking us for help!