Thank you for your interest in the BRC Storage Program!

The Black Rock City Storage Program assists participants with their Burning Man infrastructure by reducing fuel consumption from shipping, saving money on truck rentals, and improving highway safety by reducing large-scale hauling. The program allows participants to focus more on building and less on logistics, leading to grander camps, projects, and creative ideas all around. 

Quick Facts:

  • Using container storage means less loading and unloading, and no truck rental fees!
  • Local container storage creates less environmental impact than trucking from a more distant storage facility.
  • The program can annually deliver your container, loaded with your property, to your camp.
  • Post-event, we will remove your locked container from the playa and store it.
  • Shipping containers provide weathertight storage.
  • You can sell your container to someone else, if you no longer need storage.
  • We also proudly store mutant vehicles. Learn more!

For additional details about the service, we highly recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions.