BRC Storage Program FAQ

Hot off the playa, we’re rolling out an improved program at a new location to better serve your developing storage needs!


Community Information

What is The 360

The 360 is a new property located just outside of Gerlach that is being developed into a maker-space with lodging, workshops, and more. The BRC Storage Program is moving to The 360, and groups are encouraged to visit the property, where they may use the facilities to work on projects, enjoy the desert, and spend time together.

Where is The 360?
The property is located at 550 State Route 34, Gerlach NV. It is about one mile outside the town of Gerlach, past “The Y” intersection.
Can anyone access The 360?
During the summer of 2022, access to the 360 is currently limited to BRC Storage Program customers that need access to their storage, to community members that are working on a project, or those participating in a community event at the 360. We anticipate creating more opportunities for access in the future, and we hope we’ll see you there.
What is available now at The 360?
Rustic tent and RV camping, cabins, a communal kitchen, and gathering space will be available starting May 2022. Over time, we intend to develop:
  • Bespoke steambath and hotsprings
  • Big art and mutant vehicle workshop space
  • Sculpture park and hiking trails
Does storage give me access to Burning Man?
Container owners must have a ticket to Burning Man and a valid Work Access Pass if arriving before the event gates open. This service does not come with an offer or guarantee of any tickets or Work Access Passes. You must acquire those through other authorized means.

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Accessing Storage

Who can access The 360?
Container owners, or the secondary contact listed for a container, who are part of the Access Plan, our standard rate. Container accounts must be paid and current for access.
When can we access our storage?

Advance reservations are required. Access is permitted according to our operating schedule. Keep in mind that storage is outdoors and the facility may become inaccessible due to weather and/or ground conditions.

How do we make a reservation for access?
Please fill out a form (available by early May 2022) to request access. We recommend that you make reservations as soon as possible, and at least two weeks in advance. Access is not permitted without a confirmed reservation. Please don’t show up without us confirming your visit. Reservation request should include:
  • Requested date(s) of access
  • The container number(s) you wish to access
  • Your full name
  • Number of guests you wish to bring
  • Desired camping or lodging
Reservations will only be confirmed for accounts that have signed an agreement that includes access. 
Can we go to The 360 for fun?
Access to the 360 is currently limited to BRC Storage customers that need access to their storage, to community members that are working on a project, or those participating in a community program at the 360. Come fix that hole or repair that light that isn’t working. Or just visit to organize your things for a seamless camp setup at the next event. These are all a perfect use of this new maker-space.
Can I bring guests to The 360?
Container owners may bring guests with them. Space is limited, and we may not be able to accomodate guests during peak periods. Advanced planning can help ensure your group is able to be accommodated. Each person will be charged for their lodging, if staying overnight.
Does the container owner need to be present for access?
Either the container owner or the secondary contact must be present and show ID. You may also change the secondary contact (permitted once a year at no charge) by emailing us a request.

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Staying at The 360

Can we stay overnight at The 360?

Yes! During the spring and summer of 2022, staying overnight at The 360 will be limited to the following dates and events:

  • Gerlach Workforce Development Center May 6-15
  • Maker’s Village June 17-19
  • TrailBlaze June 17-19
  • Maker’s Village July 1-10
  • Green Theme Camp Symposium July 7-10
  • Maker’s Village Jule 22-24
  • Storage Drop-Off Event September 5-8
We are working to make it possible to stay at The 360 year-round, outside of community events. But, we have a little more work to do before we can invite you to do so. We’re hoping that becomes possible before the end of 2022, and as early as September! We will send word to everyone in the program as we have updates. Day access will still be available outside of these events with a confirmed reservation.
How do we make a reservation for access?
Please fill out a form to request access. We recommend that you make reservations, according to the operating schedule, as soon as possible and at least two weeks in advance. Access is not permitted without a confirmed reservation. Please don’t show up without us confirming your visit. Reservation request should include:
  • Requested date(s) of access
  • The container number(s) you wish to access
  • Your full name
  • Number of guests you wish to bring
  • Desired camping or lodging
What accommodations are available at The 360?
Accommodations may currently only be booked as part of a community event experience at The 360. In the future, we intend to make these same accommodations more broadly available for overnight stays at modest rates.  


We have cabins available that offer a full-size bed, desk, power and air conditioning. Mattress provided. Bring your own bedding, including a pillow. If you will require a chair, please plan on bringing one.


Shift Pods

We have shift-pods available, also with air conditioning. Bring your own bedding, including a pillow and a camp mattress or something soft to sleep on.


RV Parking

Powered or unpowered RV spaces are available for you to park in.

All accommodations feature access to communal porta-potties, shower trailer, and a communal Burning Man Camp-style outdoor kitchen.
Can I access my storage without staying overnight at The 360?
Yes! You can absolutely access your storage without staying at The 360. Please make a reservation and join us once we have confirmed.
When is check-in / check-out for staying overnight at The 360?
Please refer to the details of the community event. Overnight stays are only available through a community event at this time.

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How does joining container storage work?

Joining the program is easy:

  • Add your name and/or your group’s name to the waitlist, when it opens. We anticipate the waitlist opening again in May 2022. Learn more about the Waitlist.
  • When your name comes up, you will be offered the chance to purchase one 20' x 8' foot shipping container, or to bring your own container into the program.
  • You must sign an agreement and pay for the container, registration or transfer fees, annual storage fees, and (optional) delivery fees. See the section about Billing & Payment for more details.
Who owns the container?
Whoever signs the agreement will be considered the owner, and to whom we will send correspondence and invoices. They are also the only person permitted to (1) Sell the container, (2) Transfer the container to someone else, or (3) Request any other changes to the ‘account.’ A secondary contact must be listed. 
What is the length of the storage agreement?
Storage agreements run on an annual basis from July 1 to June 30. The agreement automatically renews each year on July 1, unless terminated at least 30 days in advance. Storage is not offered on a monthly basis.
What are the containers like?
The specifications are: External Dimensions = 20' long by 8' wide by 8.5' tall. Internal Dimensions =19.25' long by 7.5' wide by 7.9' tall. Floor area = 145 sq ft. Empty Weight = 4650 lbs. Maximum Allowable Weight Loaded = 20,000 lbs distributed evenly. The containers are standard, wind and weather tight, previously used, above C Grade quality, and can be locked (you must provide your own lock). Washoe County requires all the containers be painted the same “sand tan” color for permitting and zoning reasons. Your container will be prepped accordingly as part of your purchase price. The agreement for storage at our facility prohibits altering the color by repainting your container or adding any permanent additions to the exterior of the container.
Can we modify the container?
The containers can not be stored with any modifications to the exterior. Modifying your container can also lead to damage. Creative modifications of the interiors are not just allowed, they are encouraged! These modifications must make no external penetrations to the container itself.
What can’t we put in containers?
Total weight not to exceed 20,000 lbs, distributed evenly. Container contents must be winterized if necessary. The following are a partial list of prohibitions:
  • No hazardous materials, including ANY and all storage containers for flammable and combustible liquids
  • No alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or illegal substances
  • No personally identifiable information or documents containing financial, medical or health information
  • No flammables or combustibles, period
  • No food or perishable items
  • Nothing precious or irreplaceable. Use common sense- this container is going to sit outside all year round.
  • Absolutely no firearms or fireworks– which you shouldn’t be bringing to Burning Man anyway!
Does stuff ever get damaged in container storage?

Damage can happen in different ways, but it usually involves damage to the container that allows moisture to enter. The primary ways this has happened (in the author’s experience) is by either corrosion to the container (often on the roof) from multiple years of neglect or because someone made a modification to the container and the modification did not survive transportation. This is a reason why modifications to the exterior of containers are prohibited. If you put a window in your container it will break. If you weld something to the side of your container, it may be torn off along with part of the container wall. If you bolt something through the container wall, moisture may enter. Don’t do it. What you should do is inspect the interior and exterior of a container every year for signs of penetration and/or significant corrosion and take steps to correct it (such as sanding and repainting sand-tan), or contact us. Please remember that members of the BRC Storage Program OWN the containers, including the maintenance.

What about insurance?
It is highly recommended that you insure your container and its contents. You can get insurance from most insurers. The agreement you sign limits Burning Man's liability. Please read your agreement carefully for information about insurance and liability. 
How does container storage compare to other storage options?
Groups have provided us feedback that they are spending $1500 to $5000 "or more" yearly on rental trucks, storage units, gas and mileage. Not to mention the time, effort, flat tires and stress involved with shipping heavy loads. We believe our program offers our participants significant value and brings us closer to our environmental goals.
What if I don’t want my container any longer?
The steps must be initiated by the same person who is on agreement:
  1. Identify who you’d like to sell your container to. We can help connect you with those on the waitlist if necessary.
  2. Provide your name, burner profile email, camp name, contact info and PC number to AND those details for the potential new owner.
  3. Burning Man will draw up a transfer agreement that must be signed by both parties.
  4. Sign the agreement.
  5. Pay the transfer fee; either the old or new owner may do this.
  6. Burning Man does not facilitate payment for the container itself. This is worked out between the previous and new owner. We ask that you are mindful of wear and tear, and sell it for no more than you purchased it for.
Can I lock my container?
Yes! We insist that you do. The type of lock is up to you. We prefer the Master Lock 176 Combination (solid brass combination model, not the 176D or any other combination of "D" "X" or " LH" ). This lock has the longest life expectancy in an alkaline environment. It also has an override on the side that lets you get into it, without cutting it off, if the combination is lost.
What if a storage owner abandons their personal property?
If an owner abandons their container, we follow Nevada laws. Nevada has a comprehensive description of lien laws, and what might happen if storage is abandoned or if the invoiced amount remains unpaid. Please review all sections of the agreement before signing.

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Delivery Service

How does the delivery system work?

The system works as follows and is only available for Container Owners. Other storage must be transported by the owner.

  • Fill out the form electing delivery or no delivery, by the deadline (May 6 in 2022).
  • Pay the container, storage, and delivery fees by July 1.
  • Register your camp with Placement.
  • Provide a detailed camp map to the storage team.
  • Arrive on playa and voila there is your container.
  • Post-event, pack it up, lock it, and we will take it from there.
Is delivery only for placed theme camps and art projects?
Yes. All container owners that want delivery will be required to apply with Placement as either a theme camp or support camp, as we have to flag camps in order to deliver the storage containers. As stated in the agreement, this service does NOT bypass Placement, ticketing or early arrival processes. You still need to apply for tickets, placement and any early arrival using the existing processes.
How do I file a placement questionnaire?
The following outlines the steps to begin your questionnaire:
  1. If you haven’t yet, create a burner profile here:  Do not create a second burner profile. 
  2. After you’ve created your burner profile, click on Participation Forms 
  3. Choose “Camp Placement Questionnaire”
What needs to be included on the camp map?
Camp plans must include:
  • Your PC Container number (i.e. PC311).
  • Two (2) measurements to the container including one from the road and one from the side of your camp.
  • The door direction. (This is important and often forgotten.)
  • First on playa camp contact, name, phone and email.
**BRC storage does not know your camp location. Placement will not provide your exact location either. If your camp infrastructure is heavily reliant on your container placement, consider providing maps that outline each possible variation of layout. 
Can you move my container around while I work out my theme camp arrangement?
At the event, we only provide one drop in the theme camp. Once it is placed, it can not be moved by our equipment until it is transported again post event.
What if I don’t provide a map of my camp?
Your container will be dropped in the back-right corner of your camp. We will not be able to move it. Please get us the map so we can put it in a place that you are happy with.
I am sharing my container with another camp/group, where should I place it within Black Rock City?

In the spirit of the Ten Principles of Burning Man, practice radical self reliance and communal effort. Please work out amongst your community the best location for your container. Consider requesting to have your theme camps placed in close proximity to one another or create a “village“. We will not move containers between camps.

Can I skip delivery of my containers?
Sure. If you are taking a year off, or don’t need one or more of your containers delivered, you will have the opportunity to tell us every year, as needed. Owners will receive an email in Spring each year with instructions on how to elect delivery or no-delivery, online. If you own more than one container, your choice will apply to all. If you need a mix of delivery/no-delivery, please email us.
I haven’t received an email to make delivery selections. Now what?
Contact us at and include your container number(s) and burner profile email.

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How do I get on the waitlist?
The waitlist is currently closed but is expected to open spring/summer 2022. It will be accessible on once it opens.
How long do I have to sign up when my name comes up on the waitlist?

You have two (2) weeks to reply and either confirm you want a container or to delay your offer to the next year. We typically do not make more offers than we have containers, but we make no promises. Containers and slips will be offered and allocated to those that reply on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last. If you do not reply within the allotted time, the container will be offered to the next participant/camp on the waitlist. Once you have confirmed that you want to purchase a container and provided the requested information, you will have two (2) weeks from receiving the agreement to sign the agreement and provide payment for the container.

May I defer purchasing a container?
Yes. You may defer two times before we will remove your name from the waitlist. You must contact us to defer. If we simply do not hear from you, we may remove you from the waitlist.
How long is the waitlist?
It changes every year as new people enter the program. In Spring of 2022 it is about 70 names and we expect to be able to get through most of it.

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Billing & Payment

How do I make my annual payment?
Container owners will be asked to make delivery/no-delivery selections in early spring. The following month, we will bill you for the storage year, which runs from July 1- June 30, and your delivery fees. The invoice will come in an email from DocuSign and you’re able to pay the invoice right there. We strongly prefer online payment, but if you prefer checks, print the invoice and send it along with the check to Burning Man Project: attn BRC Storage, 660 Alabama St., San Francisco, CA 94110.
Can you describe the costs associated with the container service?

The following charges may apply:

  • Container Purchase: One time charge for container purchase which includes the container itself, the initial delivery of it to The 360, (permit) required painting and preparation.
  • Annual Fee: The cost of storing the container from July 1 - June 30 the following year, is billed on an annual basis in spring, due before July 1.
  • Delivery: A fee for container transportation to and from the event that year - optional. If you aren’t going to need the container that year, simply select “No Transport” when we annually send you a link to a form. This selection will apply to all containers designated under that profile. Contact us to request any exceptions. *If your camp takes a year off you are still responsible for the storage fee!
  • Maintenance: If your container needs some maintenance, you can request that our team repair or repaint your container for a separate fee. You are responsible for the wear and tear on your container. You’re also welcome to repair or repaint it yourselves, but do bring a drop cloth. Picking up paint droplets is, surprisingly, not the Resto Crew’s favorite thing.
I haven’t received an email with my invoice. Now what?
Contact us at and include your container number(s) and burner profile email.

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