Container Camps and Placement Info

Placement Questionnaires open March 26, 2020 and are due April 30, 2020 at 12pm noon Pacific Time

2020 Information

In 2019, we provided guidelines and limits to Container Camps to ensure all placed camps in Black Rock City received a fair amount of space and to resolve issues with turnkey camping. In 2020, we are amending the guidelines to support our Cultural Direction Setting efforts and ensuring that placed camps are contributing a fair share to Black Rock City.

Container Camps will no longer be an option as a camp category to choose through the Placement Questionnaire. Instead, camps wishing to receive reserved placement must submit a Placement Questionnaire under the official camp categories for 2020: theme camp, village, work support camp, mutant vehicle camp, art support camp, or department-approved service camp. If camps with containers do not receive placement within one of those categories, Placement and BRC Storage Program may recommend the camp as a Container Camp under the guidelines below.

Container Camp Size Limit

Camps will be considered Container Camps only on recommendation from Placement or the BRC Storage Program after Placement’s review of the Placement Questionnaire.

If designated a Container Camp by Placement or BRC Storage:

  • Camps with one container will be limited to 50×100 ft. Camps with two or more containers will be limited to 100×100 ft. These are the only size options that will be reserved for camps with containers that are categorized as Container Camps, and will only be placed outside of theme camp areas.
  • Container Camps will only receive 2–4 WAPs (dependent on size) typically for Saturday entry and will not receive access to buy Directed Group Sale tickets. 

If camps with a BRC Storage container do not receive reserved placement and do not wish to be a Container Camp, we will designate a location to drop your containers, but you will not be able to camp by that location. Access will simply be to load and unload items and transport to a camp in open camping or another placed camp. Container owners will be required to properly MOOP the space surrounding their container and leave no trace.


Number of Containers in Camp Maximum Space for Container Camp
1 containers 50×100 ft camp
2+ containers 100×100 ft camp

If you have any questions, please contact Placement by emailing

Reminder: Placement Questionnaires open March 26, 2020 and the deadline April 30, 2020 at 12pm Noon Pacific Time. You can submit your questionnaire via Burner Profiles