Burning Man Storage

Burning Man Storage, available through the Black Rock City Storage Program, was created  as a way to assist participants with their Burning Man infrastructure.  The goal was to promote cooperation amongst participants to share storage, minimize fuel consumption caused by repeat shipping each year, and improve safety on the highways by reducing the amount of large-scale hauling entering BRC each year. This also allows participants to build and improve on previous years’ endeavors, leading to grander camps, projects, and creative ideas all around. We are also proud to introduce mutant vehicle storage for Burning Man!

Quick Facts:

  • This Burning Man Storage program can annually deliver your container of items to your camp location.
  • Pricing for containers, storage and delivery is online.
  • Post-event, we will remove your container from the playa and store it.
  • There is a one-time purchase price for the container — you then own the container itself to use as Burning Man storage. This one-time cost also includes the required preparation and painting. The container will be fully painted and prepped for you to begin using.
  • The annual storage fee is payable each year prior to the event. Delivery is optional and billed in addition to storage.
  • If for any reason you want to remove your container from the storage program, you will need to contract and secure the transportation and handling via a third party.
  • Review the contract for a complete list of materials that cannot be stored inside your container (for example, no hazardous materials).
  • No additions may be made to the outside of your container. They must be able to store flush against another container.

For additional details about Burning Man Storage through the BRC Storage Program, we highly recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions.