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Hello BRC Storage
What is the difference between the Access rate plan vs. No Access rate plan?

Before 2022, the BRC Storage Program was located at Black Rock Station, a work ranch north of the event site. That ranch isn’t permitted to allow access to the public, so access to storage was not an option. Now that the program has moved to The 360, where we are building a community, all new storage agreements will include access. However, we are allowing existing customers to remain on a “legacy” No Access plan, for a limited time as we undergo this transition.

Can I change from the Access rate plan to the No Access rate plan?
It is not possible to move from the Access rate plan to the No Access rate plan. Our hope is that everyone will join the Access plan and we may not offer two separate tiers indefinitely. All new agreements will be for access and it is no longer possible to join the “legacy” BRC Storage Program with no access.
I own multiple containers. Can I upgrade only one container to Access?
All containers owned by an individual or group must be on the same rate plan.
Can I upgrade to the Access rate plan mid-year?
Yes. You may choose to upgrade from the legacy, No Access rate plan to the Access rate plan mid-year by emailing brcstorage@burningman.org. You will be sent a new agreement to review and sign, and an invoice. You will be invoiced for the annual difference between the plans. The invoiceable balance will not be prorated. This is not typically a quick process. We recommend making your rate plan decision as part of the annual billing cycle.